Anxiety and Freedom from “Cognitive Distortions” Tools

Many researchers and authors have shown that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) ideas and tools can often successfully identify and manage or improve negative and anxious thoughts or styles of thinking. Support from a counselor or coach can be quite helpful with this process (see for an example of services that might interest you).

If the first step towards change is awareness, than the “Cognitive Distortions” Tool below can be the start to freedom from anxiety (and freedom from the depression and negativity that comes from thinking anxiously all the time). If you find yourself thinking as described in this Tool, you can practice managing your thoughts with the “Thought Record” below.

You owe it to yourself to look at the faces of anxiety below and to start changing your thinking, and in doing so, changing your life!


Thought Record


If you have any questions or comments about this “tool”, email Sharon at


I offer Life and Relationship Coaching, Psychotherapy or Counseling for Individuals and Couples, On-Line Courses, Art and Photo Therapy and Hypnotherapy to individuals and couples. I also offer Clinical Supervision for counselors/social workers, Voice Dialogue facilitation and the following Courses "Stop Getting Triggered or Defensive: Chill Tools for Self-Control", "Stop Fighting and Get What You Want: Listening and Speaking Skills" and "Turning Dating Disappointment into Success for Gals" as well as "Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshops" and "SoulCollage® Gatherings". More information at or 206-283-9767 in USA or

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