“Non Violent Communication-Evaluative Words” Tool

Non Violent Communication (NVC) is a wonderful tool for successful effective and harmonious communication. NVC describes the difference between a feeling and a thought and the difference between a feeling and an evaluative word. In the english language these things often get all mixed up and confused with one another.

Check out the 3 tools below and see how exploring the definitions and use of feelings, thoughts and evaluative words can be extremely helpful when you want to communicate clearly and effectively with the goal of creating harmony with all people involved.

Evaluative Words 1

Evaluative Words 2


If you have any questions or comments about this “tool”, email Sharon at Sharon@SharonSanborn.com

Author: SharonSanborn.com

I offer Life and Relationship Coaching, Psychotherapy or Counseling for Individuals and Couples, On-Line Courses, Art and Photo Therapy and Hypnotherapy to individuals and couples. I also offer Clinical Supervision for counselors/social workers, Voice Dialogue facilitation and the following Courses "Stop Getting Triggered or Defensive: Chill Tools for Self-Control", "Stop Fighting and Get What You Want: Listening and Speaking Skills" and "Turning Dating Disappointment into Success for Gals" as well as "Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshops" and "SoulCollage® Gatherings". More information at www.SharonSanborn.com or 206-283-9767 in USA or Sharon@SharonSanborn.com

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