“My Toolbox” Tool

I love this simple idea of asking ourselves what our “Tools” are. Each person has their own unique “Toolbox” with ways to take care of themselves and ideas and things that make them happy and successful. For one person, a pet is very important. For another, a tool might be a particular book or role-model or a daily 30 minute walk. Identify things that have helped you in the past, helpful things that you have done recently or note an area in your life where you need additional tools, for ways to help manage stress or worries for example.

It is awesome to have a full powerful box of tools that we can turn to when we need them! Click below to complete your own “My Toolbox” Tool.


My Toolbox


If you have any questions or comments about this “tool”, email Sharon at Sharon@SharonSanborn.com

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“Art Saves Lives Stories” Video


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.34.47 PMHave you seen the “Art Saves Lives Stories” trailer? Check it out!

Art Saves Lives Stories is a 30 minute documentary directed and produced by Sharon Sanborn about 4 artists who describe the benefits of art-making. This video illustrates how art can be calming, healing and fun!

For more information about Art Saves Lives Stories and to purchase the video for $25 go to

https://sharonsanborn.com/resources or contact Sharon Sanborn at 206-283-9767 or Sharon@SharonSanborn.com

“Art Saves Lives” Video


Have you seen the Art Saves Lives Trailer? Check it out!

“Art Saves Lives” is a 30 minute video documentary directed and produced by Sharon Sanborn about Art Therapy. In this video, 5 art therapists describe their work in the field of Art Therapy.

For more information and to purchase the video for $15 go to


or contact Sharon Sanborn at 206-283-9767 or Sharon@SharonSanborn.com